SBC: Using Images

Can You Guess This Sentence????   Do you know this sentence? Was it easy or hard to find out? Please leave in the comments below if you solved it! Credit to Image (1. Credit to Image (2. Patryk Dziejma Credit to image (3. Jens Johnsson #97 From Sweden. Travel, nature and friends. Mostly 35mm […]

Hope by Emily Phillips

            Hope What is hope? Hope can be a desire for something special, that may lead you to being stressful.   Hope will lead you to success, Only if you try your best.   Hope is the one thing that can make you stronger If you put your heart, sweat, and time into it.   Hope […]

Emotional poem by Emily Phillips

“If you love me let me go” Poem by Emily Phillips Walking by the shore of the sea With you by my side as happy as can be. It was happening so fast. Than the day you lost your spark, Your actions reminded me of a shark. People said your world is changing and escaping. […]

Vista Prep Academy

“It’s a great day in T.C.T student speaking” There have been many people asking what is it like at Vista Middle School and I would love to answer your questions!   Middle school could be rough at times, but the time runs very fast and at the end it all goes well. If the introduction […]

100 WC week 8

                                                                            The man in black                 I took center stage, but all the sudden the lights turned off. […]


             It’s spirit week at school. Today is Twinsday! What that means is you have to wear matching clothes with a friend. Emily and I are the ones with the peach shirts that have Emily on the front. Mrs. Vazquez and Ms. Bc are wearing “What do you mean” shirts. […]

Disney Dress Up

     This week at my school is spirit week. Spirit week is when you dress up for school to show your spirit. The theme today is dress up as Disney. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, shes one of my favorite Disney characters. What I wore is a black and red tu-tu, sequined Minnie […]

Digital Footprint

 In class we talked about Digital footprints. You may question. What is a digital footprint? A digital footprint is everything you have searched, watched, liked, and posted. When you want to go to a University, business, or usually a job. The people that are hiring you or accepting you will go look you up or […]