Certificate Of Code

 Hello welcome to my blog! If you are wondering what this certificate is for it’s for the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a website where many people in the world are doing. You get to go on games and pass the levels by coding. The codes are pretty simple they can make […]

Popular food in my country

      What I will be talking about is popular food in my country. As you see here I gave chosen sushi to talk about. Did you know that the word “sushi”refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, sugar, salt, and contrary to popular beliefs. Sushi is very much Japanese fast food. Sushi […]


Hello creepy ghouls out there. Halloween is about 2 days away and I have some D.I.Y ideas for you. I will tell some Halloween costume ideas, with how to make the costume or find the items to make it. So in the picture you see me as a scarecrow well maybe a scarecrow. Here’s what […]

Hey guys :)

Hey guys my name is Emily and I will be posting more so just check there and there and I am a gamer so I will maybe posting world of warcraft tips if i get any spare time. More than likely art pics and tips 🙂  

Hello world!

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